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Welcome to the Menomonee Falls Little League

Welcome to the Menomonee Falls Little League

Complex Rules

We expect all MFLL players & coaches, MFLL board members, visiting players & coaches, and spectators to understand and abide by the following rules while at The Complex or other off-site locations during Little League & MFLL events.

1. No weapons of any kind (Possession of a Conceal-Carry permit does not exclude you from this rule.)
2. No pets allowed at any time, even in cars – except for service animals. The only exception to this rule is that we allow our neighbors to use the paved areas to exercise their pets when events are not going on. When neighbors are using our property for pet exercise under NO circumstances should pets be allowed inside fenced areas or on playing fields.
3. No parking or driving on grassy areas.
4. No parking on the roadway (or Mill Road).
5. No speeding - please maintain the 10mph speed limit.
6. No tobacco products or e-cigarettes, even in the parking lots or in cars.
7. No alcohol or drugs of any kind.
8. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times, including showing respect to League officials,
9. No unofficial coaching.
10. No profanity or abusive language, including player ridicule or booing.
11. No bat swinging outside the ball field fences.
12. Play catch on grassy areas only.
13. No stone throwing.
14. No fence climbing.
15. No climbing or sitting on equipment boxes or sheds.
16. Keep playing fields clean and safe.
17. No bike riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, scooters, hoverboards, etc. on the paved walkways throughout the Complex while games are being played -- this pertains to children and adults!

The code of conduct requires that players exhibit exemplary behavior during Little League activities. Players must respect umpires, coaches, managers and other players and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Players pledge not to use alcohol, drugs or tobacco products while participating in Little League activities.

Managers and Coaches
Little League requires managers and coaches to consistently present a professional image, which includes appearance and behavior, during all league activities. The code of conduct calls for league officials to display enthusiasm, respect, honesty and fair play. Managers and coaches must follow all league game rules, encourage appropriate behavior by players and fans, maintain a safe game environment and consider the physical and emotional well-being of players above all else. Some local codes detail the responsibilities of league officials to manage the overall game environment and instill in players the league’s principles. Managers and coaches agree not to use tobacco, drugs or alcohol while involved in league activities.

The code charges parents with demonstrating exemplary behavior at all times during Little League activities. Parents should remember the volunteer-status of board members, coaches and managers and respect all officials and players. Little League asks that parents help to keep playing fields safe and clean. Parents agree to refrain from using tobacco, alcohol or drugs in or around Little League functions. Please remember that children are looking to you as an example of good behavior at sporting events.

The Menomonee Falls Little League, like many local Little Leagues, publishes a code of conduct for parents, coaches and spectators to manage the environment in which Little Leaguers play.  The code prohibits unsportsmanlike conduct, disrespect of League officials, unofficial coaching
and verbal abuse of players, such as ridicule and booing. Violation of the MFLL code of conduct results in ejection from the game and could lead to forfeiture by the offending team.

Updated 3-8-24

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