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Welcome to the Menomonee Falls Little League

Welcome to the Menomonee Falls Little League

Uniforms & Equipment

MFLL Uniform & Equipment Care Rules

The following rules pertain to your responsibility for maintaining the uniform(s) and equipment issued to you. Care instructions also included.  These rules assist MFLL in getting as much extended use out of our equipment as possible.  Your help in maintaining uniforms and equipment will help MFLL minimize our yearly operating costs.



1.1.   It is expected that all uniforms and equipment will be turned in at the end of the season in a condition that you would like to receive it in the next year.  The League does not do a final washing.

1.2.   Every player is required by the National Little League Organization to be in full uniform during every game.  This includes: League-issued team hat, jersey, pants, and socks. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Players may use League- issued pants, or purchase their own.  If pants are purchased separately, they must be in the same color as those issued to your team. 

1.3.   The uniforms and equipment are and will remain the property of the MFLL.  All uniforms and equipment are to be returned at the end of the season.  Jerseys, pants, and all equipment must be washed and returned to your Coach WITHIN ONE WEEK AFTER YOUR LAST GAME.

1.4.   LOST or STOLEN articles should be reported immediately to your Coach. Due to the League requirement of being in full uniform, it is important that this be done in a timely manner.  In the event that you find any portion of a uniform or equipment, notify your manager so that we may find the owner.

1.5. If uniforms are not returned, the replacement cost will be $40 for the jersey and $25 for the pants.


2.1.   The uniforms will only be worn during games or at League functions.  Do not use the uniforms as “PLAY” or “SCHOOL” clothing.  (Exception – T-Ball t-shirts may be worn outside of play.  Players keep the shirts.)

2.2.   DO NOT BLEACH ANY PART OF THE UNIFORM.  Care tip:  Soak pants (not jersey) in detergent and warm or hot water before washing to remove any stains.

2.3.   HANG DRY as much as possible.  DO NOT DRY ON HOT TEMPERATURE OR USE FABRIC SOFTENERS.  This will ruin the numbers and silk screening.

2.4.   It is your responsibility to maintain all articles of the uniform in good repair.  Sew any tears in the jersey or pants.


3.1.   At the end of the season, all equipment must be washed and/or wiped down, including bats and catcher’s gear.

3.2.   Wash all helmets with soapy water and rinse clean.

3.3.   Equipment bags must be emptied, washed, and dried completely.  Ball bags must be wiped down, dried, and filled with all the game balls from the season—to use next season as practice balls.

By adhering to these rules, you will help us ensure that the League will get many years of use out of our uniforms and equipment.  Your cooperation is appreciated by those who help manage the equipment, and by those who will be using these materials during the season.

Getting a New Jersey or T-Ball T-shirt?

For teams receiving T-Ball t-shirts or new jerseys, parents are responsible for ironing on the supplied patch.

Uniform Patch Placement: 3” below left shoulder seam

Video instructions:


  1. All garments should be freshly laundered.
  2. Set iron to Cotton setting or 400 degrees.
  3. Thoroughly iron area of garment where patch will be placed.
  4. Place patch on desired location of garment.
  5. Place cloth or light towel over patch. While using a slow circular motion, press firmly for 30 seconds.
  6. Turn garment inside out, then iron the back of patch for 30 seconds.
  7. Let patch are cool for one minute. If edge of patch can be lifted, repeat step 6.

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