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Welcome to the Menomonee Falls Little League

Welcome to the Menomonee Falls Little League


New for 2019:

During the regular season, all games will have a drop-dead cut-off time. There will be no more confusion over declaring the last inning in AA or AAA, and there will be no more 8:30 p.m. finish times during the regular season. The time limits will be: 90 minutes for AA, 105 minutes for AAA, and 120 minutes for Majors, Juniors and Seniors. With new staggered starting times (6 p.m. for AA, 5:45 p.m. for AAA and 5:30 p.m. for Majors and above), games should end by 7:30 p.m. If a new batter starts at 7:29 p.m. and his at-bat takes the game past the time limit, the game will end following the completion of his at-bat. If your game is completed before the time limit (six innings or mercy rule), then this won’t apply.

Post-season tournament games will still be played to completion as in past years.

In the interest of protecting young arms, we are going one step further than the safeguards we put in place last season. In 2018, we added a day to the rest requirements of pitchers from Opening Day through Memorial Day. We are keeping that in place this year and adding a new safeguard. EVERY pitcher at every level will have a limit on the numbers of pitches he can throw the first time he pitches in a game this season (40 at AAA and Majors, and 50 at Juniors and Seniors). It doesn’t matter if the child’s first pitching appearance is opening day or June 15, they will be limited if it is their first time on the mound this season.

Softball Rules 2020

Softball AA

Softball AAA

Softball Majors

Softball Seniors

MFLL, Greendale Twi-Nite & Whitnall Senior Division

Baseball Rules 2020


Baseball AA

Baseball AAA

Baseball Majors

Baseball Juniors

Baseball Seniors

Interleague Rules 2019

Interleague Rules

Please put away what you take out including rakes and chalk machines.

GATES - swingin' in the breeze
Please close all gates when you are done on a field for the night.

SPEEDING - 10mph
The road into and out of the complex is not a raceway.    

TRASH - neatness counts
Please help to keep our Complex looking great - there are plenty of trash cans all around the complex that people can put their trash into on the way out.

BATTING CAGES - sharing is caring
Please be sure to share the cages when you are warming up for games.  If you notice another team waiting to get in, you are limited to 15min for your team - and only one at bat per player please.  Also, when you are done, please pick up all the balls.  Batting cages are for team use only - unsupervised children should not be using the cages.

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Menomonee Falls Little League

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